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„The best currency ever created“ – This Wall Street boss holds $235 million in Bitcoin, and he says so!

Bitcoin fan also privately – Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, recently explained his complete change of perspective on Bitcoin (BTC). Saylor also revealed today that he had bought BTC as a private individual, even before his company did.

Michael Saylor, the CEO who HODL 17,732 BTC
Over the past few months, this news has been making regular headlines in the media cryptosphere: the multinational MicroStrategy has announced that it has successively purchased a total of 38,250 bitcoins – about $500 million at current prices.

But even before his company embarked on the path of cryptography, CEO Michael Saylor had already acquired a nice bundle of Bitcoins for his own account:

„Some people have asked me how many BTCs I own. Personally, I bought 17,732 BTCs at an average of $9,882 each. I informed MicroStrategy of these holdings before the company decided to buy Bitcoins for itself. »

With a present value of nearly $235 million, Michael Saylor has already achieved a nice potential capital gain on his personal investment in Bitcoin – in the order of $60 million.

Between the CEO and his company, these two entities alone hold 0.27% of all the Bitcoin that will exist – and about 0.3% of the current supply.

Further massive BTC purchases in the pipeline
Michael Saylor considers Bitcoin to be an exceptional creation, as his Crypto Bank  interview by the crypto-media company The Block clearly shows:

„I believe in Bitcoin. I think it is one of the most extraordinary achievements in the history of the world. The best currency ever created. It can become 100x bigger than it is today. »

It is probably for this reason that the CEO has just announced, during an online conference on MicroStrategy’s third quarter results, that his company has decided to implement a new cash reserve policy focused on bitcoins.

„(…) Bitcoin will be the company’s primary cash reserve asset for capital in excess of our working capital requirements. »

MicroStrategy is therefore expected to make further significant purchases of BTC in the near future, as the company is regularly in surplus earnings.

Bitcoin has found a new support of choice with Michael Saylor and his large company. Even if MicroStrategy’s massive purchases of Bitcoin are made on a private basis, to avoid any violent upward price slippage, this remains a very positive sign of interest for the king of cryptos.

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